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Case study: Regional estates & technology transformation fund support

SERVICE: Estates Strategy & Planning
CLIENT: Community Health Partnerships (CHP) & NHS England


Community Health Partnerships (CHP) are supporting NHS England in managing a programme of projects under the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF) which aim to enable the transformation of primary care provision across the northern region.

The ETTF programme has experienced some challenges in bringing forward projects through the process for a variety of reasons including a lack of capacity within the health system to provide the necessary strategic rigour in identifying and prioritising schemes which are suitable for further consideration.

To support CHP and NHS England, Citycare were approached along with other regional LIFT companies to provide additional resources to move the programme forward through an independent and objective review of all of the potential projects and to provide more specific identification of the further requirements for any of the schemes still considered to be priorities.


Citycare worked collaboratively with CHP and other LIFT Companies to agree the respective allocation of around 45 projects across the North East region for detailed consideration.
The team worked on the progression of 5 specific projects across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and produced a series of detailed options appraisals to justify either further progression or reprioritisation of these projects against the wider regional programme

Through Citycare, an overall management function has been provided across the geographically disperse 6 LIFT Companies on behalf of CHP, which has required regular communication and an ongoing overview to ensure that a consistent approach is adopted in the approach taken to consideration of all projects.

The management role requires regular update reports to be provided to CHP and NHS England and to help highlight any potential blockages in the system along with solutions to help ease the passage of projects.


The work remains ongoing with the team working across a range of GP’s, Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG), and local authorities to identify the key milestones and drivers to enable progression.

On the management function, we are working across a number of LIFT Companies to provide a seamless response to CHP and NHS England

News & Views overview