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Cost-saving service on national stage

An asset management scheme which has the potential to save the NHS millions of pounds in efficiencies has been recognised at national level.

The Hull Asset Management service, which ensures its 12 health centres are efficiently used by commissioners and providers, saving money and time for the NHS, was shortlisted in the Best Example of Efficiencies category at the Building Better Healthcare Awards 2016 on November 2.

By co-ordinating service enquiries, improving communication, streamlining processes and improving space planning, £80,000 of efficiency savings were achieved in the first month of the pilot alone and an estimated £960,000 figure over the first year.

Estates solutions company Citycare runs the service, which is part of wider estate management, in Hull on behalf of head tenant Community Health Partnerships (CHP) and began the 18-month pilot in November 2015 to consolidate four separate facilities management providers across the 12 primary care buildings.

The buildings are home to GP practices, community health services, pharmacies, dentists and customer services.

Caroline Havler, Head of Estates Management at Citycare, said: “We are absolutely delighted the service was shortlisted and recognised on a national level for the efficiencies it is creating.

“The bespoke and tailored service introduced by CHP is an innovative approach which also identifies opportunities for empty rooms to be better used.

“In just the first six months of the pilot, we now have 14 clinical providers delivering over 40 more patient care services from our buildings.”

Lesley McGregor, Regional Property Director from CHP, said: “It’s brilliant to see real results with better use of Hull’s NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) buildings.

“Citycare is a highly responsive and professional partner, and what’s worked well is the team’s ability to maximise the use of bookable space. This makes it easier and more convenient for people, and means less space and less money is wasted.”

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