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Costs halved as new clinical curtains are installed

Costs of clinical curtains at 13 Hull health centres have been halved after they were replaced with disposable and more suitable versions.

Building owner Citycare has worked in partnership with head tenant Community Health Partnerships (CHP) to deliver the changes and consequent savings for tenants through NHS Property Services, who carried out the work.

The move came after a review of the supply and maintenance of clinical curtains across the estate.

Jonathan Ramsey, Estates Manager at Citycare, said: “Having reviewed the current curtains and systems which are in place, we have found that by changing the aging curtain stock across the estate for specialist disposable clinical curtains, CHP can offer an annual saving of around 50 per cent on the cost of the curtains.

“The new, lighter curtains should also be an improvement on the current aging material ones, which are in many of the buildings, and they tie back in a neat manner. They will be replaced every six months, or if they become soiled, and each has its own tag with a ‘replace by’ date included.

“Practices have multiple clinical rooms, so this does add up. Ultimately, tenants will now pay less for a better product while also seeing a reduction in costs.”

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