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Case study: Centre Management across multiple buildings

SERVICE: Estates & Facilities Management
CLIENT: Community Health Partnerships (CHP)


Community Health Partnerships (CHP) is a Department of Health (DH) body and the head tenant in 12 health and wellbeing centres across Hull. Their duty is to ensure the buildings are safe, legally compliant and well-maintained.

CHP is not locally based and had previously opted to use a local property partner to act as a local point of contact for tenants. However, they had concerns over service consistency and accurate record keeping.

A lack of on the ground resource, poor systems, records and information had also led to loss of income for bookable rooms. Meanwhile, rooms which should have had a charge attached to them were booked without authorisation.


Our team looked at what changes could be made to revise the service. A holistic service to manage tenant engagement, property management and asset maximisation was the favoured option to create one point of contact for tenants. The Centre Management service is made up of four key elements:

• Tenant liaison
• On site building management
• Front of house services
• Boosted mobile maintenance service

Maximising the use of space in healthcare buildings and ensuring positive engagement with tenants is key, along with site visits, training sessions, and leaflet and e-mail communications, a helpdesk telephone line and regular tenant meetings.

Regular contract reports are provided to the client, detailing performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure the service continues to be delivered to the highest standard.

The average monthly booking value is currently £73,000 (based on 2017 figures up to September). This represents an average booking rate of 67%, compared to 60% in 2016.

Since the service commenced in October 2015, improvements have been made with the installation of utilisation monitoring sensors in all bookable rooms. The utilisation data assists the team in identifying any unauthorised use and underutilised bookings, which are addressed to either formalise a booking or free up the room for other providers to use, with the ultimate goal of maximising NHS estate.

News & Views overview