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Bespoke online booking system marks first anniversary

A unique online booking system designed and developed by Shared Agenda to transform how space is utilised in health centres is marking its first year.

The bookable space within Hull’s Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) buildings, administered by the Centre Management team, was previously managed on a booking system which did not meet requirements.

Now, the bespoke Shared Space system empowers organisations to easily view availability and book the most suitable space for their services for the amount of time required.

This can be arranged for their chosen location via an online booking system, providing a better system at no extra cost to the client.

Previously, rooms had to be booked as full or half-day sessions, rather than for the specific amount of time needed, generating additional costs and creating a void or underutilised space.

Almost 40 new users have registered to Shared Space since January.

Lucy Hartshorne, Estate Manager at Citycare and Shared Agenda, said: “One of the main benefits is how user-friendly Shared Space is. Clients can easily navigate around the system from buildings to rooms, converting the searches into bookings.

“Maps and photos of the buildings and their locations make the experience seamless from the day of booking to the day of the booking itself.

“Clients can also see reports on their historic and future bookings at the click of a button, allowing them to easily manage their bookings.

“Since Shared Space was launched in Hull, utilisation has increased by 33% and automated reports, comparing room sensor data to bookable room data, are produced, so we can monitor utilisation across the estate.

“Booking reports automatically calculate the room expenditure per client.”

City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) CIC is among the clients who say Shared Space is a particularly valuable tool, which is making a difference to their organisation.

Anne-Marie Moore, Estate and Security Manager at CHCP CIC, said: “With the ability to review our utilisation and see what space is available to us at the touch of a button, City Health Care Partnership CIC has found the use of the Shared Space system invaluable since its implementation in Hull.

“Booking is quick and easy with confirmations issued by return.

“One excellent feature is the room monitoring system. We receive regular reports around non-utilisation of space, which enables us to liaise promptly with service users and ascertain whether future bookings are required, supporting both agencies with the effective management of space, saving our organisation monies and releasing underutilised space back into the public domain for use by the wider economy.”

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