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Focus on staff wellbeing across our health centres

Citycare has been working with the Lecture and Programme Director for Mentorship from the University of Hull to improve staff facilities across the full LIFT estate.

The team was approached by a mature student who was interested in work experience with Citycare and, using her estates expertise, wanted to collaborate to bring a fresh approach to staff facilities across Citycare’s 13 LIFT buildings.

Starting with Alexandra and Orchard Health Centre’s, with a specific focus on staff wellbeing, a full redecoration of the staffrooms has now been completed.

Works included:

  • Selecting a pale blue colour scheme for the walls to project feelings of calm and wellbeing,
  • Updating the furniture and fittings,
  • Making the space more personal and approachable by adding notice boards full of feel-good quotes and “kindness jars”,
  • Creating a library for staff to donate books – encouraging a ‘take one, bring one’ policy,
  • Mirrors to reflect the natural light and make it feel more homely.


News & Views overview